Course List

BAS Program Guide - Course List


Most students in the BAS program will be part-time taking one or two classes each semester. However, those wishing to complete the program in two years may consult the sample program of study below. Once admitted, students will work with an academic advisor to create a personalized program of study, taking into account the individual needs and goals of the student.

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Degree in Meteorology
Expected Course Offerings (updated August 2016)

Fall Semester

ATMO 336 Weather, Climate, and Society 

ATMO 441A Dynamic Meteorology (pre-requisites required)

ATMO 430 Computational Methods (pre-requisites required)

Spring Semester of Even Years

ATMO 336 Weather, Climate and Society 

ATMO 423 Hydrology (pre-requisites required)

ATMO 436A Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science (pre-requisites required)

Spring Semester of Odd Years

ATMO 336 Weather, Climate, and Society ATMO 423 Hydrology 

ATMO 436A Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science (pre-requisites required)

ATMO 455a Remote Sensing (pre-requisites required)

ATMO 489A Atmospheric Electricity (pre-requisites required)


Substitutions must be pre-approved by your program advisor.

Core English Requirements

ENGL 101 

ENGL 102 

ENGV 307 Business Writing or 308 Technical Writing

Critical Thinking – 1 course required from the following list:

ENGV 306 or ENGV 380, GPSV 301, HSTV 301, INFV 320, PSYV 489   

General Education Requirements

4 - 6 Upper Division Humanities/General Education Electives (300/400 level coursework)

Math Requirements

MATH 122B Calculus I 

MATH 129 Calculus II 

MATH 223 Calculus III (Vector Calculus)

BASV 314 OR MATH 263 or ISTA 116 Statistics 

Physics Requirements

PHYS 141 Intro to Mechanics 

PHYS 142 Intro to Thermodynamics/Optics 

Atmospheric Science Course Requirements

ATMO 336 Weather, Climate & Society 

ATMO 423 Hydrology/HWRS 249A Principals of Hydrology

ATMO 430 Computational Methods in Atmospheric Science 

ATMO 490 Remote Sensing for the Study of Planet Earth/ATMO 455A Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere

ATMO 436A Fundamentals in Atmospheric Science  

ATMO 441A Dynamic Meteorology I

ATMO 441B Dynamic Meteorology II or ATMO 489A Atmospheric Electricity